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As the Jacksonville, Florida winter lurks over the horizon, having a solid heating system is going to be invaluable to staying warm and cozy in your home. One rather overlooked piece of technology known as geothermal heating deserves our attention. Let’s examine the pros and cons of geothermal heating and see how it compares to more conventional HVAC solutions being used today.

Pros of Choosing Geothermal Heating

There are many advantages to switching your home to geothermal heating. Here are two of the most well-known benefits:

  • They are better for the environment. The idea behind geothermal heating is that it transports heat from the earth into our home through fluid-filled pipes. This means that the process uses very little energy and releases practically no pollution into the air. The geothermal pump does require electricity to function, but it uses significantly fewer resources than traditional heating methods.
  • They are one of the most energy-efficient options. The Environment Protection Agency has stated that geothermal energy is one of the most efficient sources to heat your home. The energy used to pull the heat from the ground is significantly less than either a gas or electric furnace.

Cons of Geothermal Heating

Even though geothermal energy is more efficient and renewable, there are a few drawbacks such as:

  • It is location specific. A geothermal reservoir can be difficult to come by, and while there are some areas with abundant sources, there are many areas where it can be difficult to implement the technology. Additionally, geothermal installations are not typically used in areas where earthquakes are prevalent.
  • The initial installation can be more expensive and disruptive. Setting up a geothermal system for your home involves either excavation or drilling to install the fluid-filled pipes. However, over time, lower utility bills and greater convenience can overcome these initial disadvantages.

If geothermal heating has piqued your interest, we will be happy to help you compare it with other alternatives to heating your home. Call Abaco Air Experts at (904) 268-3800 today to discuss your options.

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