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Reducing your business’s expenses, especially its energy usage can help to make it more profitable. The strategies that you use at home to reduce your energy costs won’t always help with cutting office energy expenses in Jacksonville, Florida. Whether you want to reduce your commercial air conditioning usage or convert to a green workplace, here are some tips on how to save energy in the office.

Run a Paperless Office

Depending on your company’s industry and operations, it might be possible to completely stop printing out materials altogether. Going paperless not only saves money on the cost of the paper and ink but also on the energy to operate the printer. Try viewing agendas on a projection screen at your next meeting or filling out forms and paperwork with secure digital document converters instead of printing.

Control the Thermostat

There can often be disagreements about what temperature the office should be. Many think it’s too hot while others think that it’s too cold. You’re unlikely to find a solution that pleases everyone. However, constantly changing the thermostat back and forth can increase energy usage and bills. To avoid increases, make it a policy that no one is allowed to change the thermostat and set it to a specific degree. Installing thermostat locks also prevent fluctuations and keep the thermostat to a certain approved temperature range.

Limit the Lights

Too many offices have lights on 24/7 when it isn’t necessary. Make a concerted effort to only keep lights on in places where they are actively being used, such as meeting rooms, conference spaces, and the kitchen. Limiting when lights are on can effectively help reduce energy usage in the office and keep your operating costs low.

Saving energy is important for your business’s bottom line and the environment. AC maintenance can help to increase your office’s energy efficiency. Call Abaco Air Experts at (904) 268-3800 to schedule an appointment for maintenance or repair on your office’s HVAC system.

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