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If you’re raising a child with asthma in Jacksonville, Florida, you understand the challenges that come with the temperate climate. Environmental factors can compromise your family’s respiratory health. However, you can take comfort in the fact that there are indoor air quality solutions to help you keep your child’s asthma at bay.

Air Cleaners and Purifiers

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a critical consideration when your household includes children or adults with asthma. Dust, pet dander, and other impurities are ever-present in your home, and they can aggravate airways already compromised by asthma. However, you can mitigate them with an air cleaner or an air purifier. These devices, especially when paired with ultraviolet germicidal lights, can significantly reduce the level of unhealthy particles in the air.


Dry air can irritate the nose and throat, especially if your airways are sensitive from repeated bouts of asthma. Some people also experience itchy skin and chapped lips. One solution is to add moisture to the air using a humidifier. Whether you need one for a single room or the whole house, we can help you evaluate your options.


Some homes suffer from a shortage of fresh air coming in or a bottleneck of dirty air moving out. The Florida humidity can also cause unhealthy elements to gather in pockets throughout the home. All these situations are unhealthy for everyone, but they are especially hazardous to those who suffer from asthma.

While opening windows can help, it’s not enough to get you the highest quality air for your family to breathe. Consider adding a ventilator or more than one. These devices can do an excellent job of improving your air quality when they’re installed correctly. They move clean air in and push the stale air out, dispersing unhealthy accumulations.

You work hard to keep your children healthy. If they suffer from asthma, you’re putting in even more hours to avoid dangerous attacks. Let Abaco Air Experts help you manage the IAQ in your home with one of these options. Call us at (904) 268-3800, and we’ll help you decide on the best solution for your house.

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