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Whether you’re on the job or relaxing in your Jacksonville, FL home, your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems work hard to keep you comfortable. Routine HVAC maintenance helps ensure that they don’t waste energy and your money along the way. It’s all about optimizing energy efficiency so that your HVAC systems will enhance your comfort for years to come. Find out how regularly scheduled maintenance safeguards your wallet against the costs associated with inefficient operation.

HVAC Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of any HVAC system is calculated by comparing the energy it consumes to its cooling or heating output. The less electricity or fuel the system uses, the more money you’ll save on monthly energy bills. From the electrical connections to the motorized parts, every component has an impact on efficiency. The smallest malfunction can throw the entire system off-kilter. Professional tune-ups include all the checks, cleanings and calibrations it takes to keep everything running smoothly.

Energy Savings

In humid subtropical climates like Jacksonville, Florida, HVAC systems get a workout in every season. Without regular maintenance, that kind of wear and tear takes a toll on energy efficiency. Keeping the equipment in peak condition is the key to saving money on operating costs. For example, a well-maintained heat pump uses up to 25 percent less energy than a neglected system. That’s 25 cents out of every dollar you spend to keep your home or business comfortable.

Professional HVAC Services

From changing air filters to cleaning air vents, there are some maintenance chores you can perform on your own. When it comes to lowering your operating costs, however, nothing compares to HVAC services you’ll receive from Abaco Air Experts. Our Comfort Club maintenance plans include regularly scheduled tune-ups performed twice each year. There’s no better way to ensure your HVAC systems run trouble-free year round.

Since 1967, Abaco Air Experts has provided top-quality HVAC services to homes and businesses throughout Greater Jacksonville. To learn more about how we keep systems operating at peak efficiency, check out our HVAC maintenance page or call (904) 268-3800.

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