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When it comes to indoor comfort, the old adage “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity” rings true. Discomfort isn’t the only problem with too much humidity. Jacksonville, FL homes with too much moisture pose health hazards too, particularly for those with conditions like allergies and asthma. High humidity levels can even lead to structural damage caused by moisture-loving insects and pests. The secret to a healthy, safe and comfortable home lies in getting the temperature and humidity levels just right.

It’s All Relative

How much moisture is in the air at any given time is calculated in terms of relative humidity (RH). RH compares the amount of water vapor present in the air to the amount of moisture the air can hold. Indoors, RH levels between 30 and 50 percent are deemed best for human health. Anything over this range can promote the growth of biological contaminants like viruses and bacteria.

The Role of Your Air Conditioner

Cooling systems work by extracting heat from the air and moving it outdoors. Because warm air holds more water vapor than cool air, moisture is also removed during the process. Maintaining the equipment in good condition helps ensure you stay cool and dry. A new air conditioning installation can be highly effective too. Thanks to advancements in HVAC technology, modern AC systems do a better job at balancing humidity levels.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

From air purification systems to ventilators, indoor air quality products help keep the air you breathe clean and healthy. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, Abaco Air Experts is able to offer some of the best in the business. For year-round comfort, Trane’s home humidifiers adjust from summer to winter to maintain ideal humidity levels. It’s an all-in-one solution to home humidity problems.

Abaco Air Experts is proud to offer real-world solutions that enhance your health as well as your comfort. To learn more, check out our indoor air quality service page or call (904) 268-3800.

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