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When temperatures climb, so can your energy bills. Keeping your Jacksonville, Florida, home at a reasonable temperature uses a lot of resources. However, you do have some options to help tame the energy-consuming beasts of summer.

Keep Registers Clear

When your air conditioning system is working at maximum efficiency, your home is cool and comfortable while your equipment uses less energy. Simple steps like keeping registers cleared can make a big difference. Vacuum your registers to keep dirt and dust under control, and be sure that your furniture doesn’t cover them.

Use Appliances Wisely

Another tip to improve the efficiency of your unit is related to the appliances in your home. Consider the placement of your thermostat. If you’re installing a new one, don’t put it near a lamp, television, or other appliance that generates heat. The thermostat picks up on the higher temperature and thinks the room is too warm, causing the air conditioner to run more. By the same token, if your thermostat is already in place, consider arranging furniture and electronics a good distance from it.

On very hot Jacksonville days, avoid using your oven. Stovetop cooking, microwaves, and outdoor cooking are better options that won’t raise the temperature in your home nearly as much. Change out traditional incandescent bulbs for newer, more energy-efficient options like LED. Incandescent bulbs only produce light with about 10 percent of the energy they consume. The rest is released as heat.

Plug Leaks and Cracks

Check your home carefully inside and out for places where energy is being wasted. Look around windows and doors for places where conditioned air is escaping and where outdoor air is coming in. Usually, you can plug these with weatherstripping or caulk.

Small changes like these can have a positive impact on your energy bills. If you’d like some help in determining the best options for your home, Abaco Air Experts are glad to help. Call us today at (904) 268-3800.

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