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A Wi-Fi thermostat can connect to the internet wirelessly, but it needs wires to control your Jacksonville, Florida, home’s HVAC system. It can help you save energy, and many different models are available. With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can enjoy detailed reports, home automation, and easy adjustments.

Detailed Reports

Many of the wireless thermostats available at Abaco Air Experts can monitor your HVAC system and give you accurate, up-to-date information about its performance. You can also get maintenance reminders and weather reports, track your power usage, and have an alert sent to your phone or email if there’s a problem.

Home Automation

A wireless thermostat with Nexia home automation technology can act as a control center for your smart home. Many can connect to cameras, motion sensors, lights, indoor air quality monitors, and other devices to give you peace of mind and precise control over your home.

Easy Adjustments

As long as you have access to the internet, you can change the temperature of your home from anywhere. You can program a wireless thermostat so that the HVAC system runs less when you leave your house or go to sleep.

Many models can learn your routine over time so that you never have to spend time programming them. They can also respond to weather, humidity levels, and other factors to provide excellent energy efficiency and comfort. You can set the colors on touch screens to match your decor and connect to other thermostats in your home. A zoning system lets you choose separate temperatures for different parts of your home. It also works with dampers that direct the air in your ductwork or a ductless system with more than one indoor unit.

Abaco Air Experts is a Trane Comfort Specialist with more than 50 years of heating and air conditioning experience. Call us anytime at (904) 268-3800 for more information about how a wireless thermostat can help you and your family.

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